Mock Hearing | Chapter Five: Case Review Hearing

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This program was developed with federal funding by the Pelican Center for Children and Families, which administers the Louisiana Court Improvement Program under a sub-grant agreement with the Louisiana Supreme Court.

Case Review Hearing Objectives

  • Learners will understand the role of CASA in the CINC Process.
  • Learners will understand how Foster Parents might testify in a CINC hearing. 
  • Learners will understand how laws, policies, practice principles, standards of practice, Rules of Professional Conduct, ethical standards, and professional competencies govern practice and guide how professionals get along with one another.

Mock Hearing: Additional Legal Information

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Mock Trial - Case Rev Ct Rpt

Jared Hutchins Story

Mock Trial video language

Mock Trial Tamaras Story CCH

Mock Trial Tamaras Story Adjudication

Mock Trial- Sophias Story

Mock Trial Form 10

Mock Trial case plan 1st

Mock Trial Case Plan 2nd

Mock Trial - Permanency Crt Rep

Mock Trial - Instanter

Mock Trial - Disp Crt Rep